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Copyright Contracts Tomorrow

The law governing the substance of contracts on copyright and neighbouring rights is no longer exclusively in the hands of national legislators.

The 2019 Digital Single Market Directive has now indeed forced Member States to adapt the core of their copyright contracting legislation to implement the choices made by the European legislature. Moreover, technological and societal developments have produced many other unprecedented issues in relation to copyright contracts.
The current book combines the outcomes of two lines of research:
  • the implementation of the brand-new contract-law rules established in title IV “Measures to achieve a well-functioning marketplace for copyright” of chapter III of the DSM Directive
  • authors cast a new light on a careful selection of copyright contracting issues that have recently arisen in the digital context.



Part I. Implementation of the Contract Provisions in the DSM Directive 
  • The Belgian Implementation of the Rules on Copyright and Related Rights Contracts in the Digital Single Market Directive
  • Dutch Copyright Contract Law
  • Implementation of the DSM Directive’s Contract Provisions into German Law
  • Contractual Protection of Authors and Performers in France after the CDSM Directive
  • The Copyright Contracts of Tomorrow: A British Point of View
Authors: Alain Strowel, Solène Festor de Suremain, Dirk J.G. Visser, Patrick Zurth, Séverine Dusollier, Léo Pascault, Paul Torremans and Alina Trapova.

Part II. Copyright Contracting in the Digital Context 

  • What is Normal Use that Consumers Can Reasonably Expect? Data law and copyright as yardsticks to interpret the conformity requirements in the Digital Content Directive and the unfulfilled potential of lawful use exceptions
  • The Ambiguity of Purchasing Digital Music in the Streaming Era: EU Digital Consumer Contract Law to Limited Avail?
  • AI as a Vehicle for Creativity in Video Games: Any Room for Flexibility via Contracts? A case study on AI Dungeon
  • Copyright Contracts at the Frontiers: A Closer Consideration from a Conflict of Laws Perspective


Editeur : LEA

Nombre de pages : 228

ISBN : 978-94-646-6200-9

Date de sortie : 18/07/2023

80.19 € HTVA

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